Frequently asked questions:

Q. When is LazerStorm available?
A. In the evenings every day. Booking is required.

Q. What ages do you recommend?
A. Around 8 to 16 years

Q. Can younger children play?
A. Yes, however very young children may find handling the guns difficult.

Q. Can I mix older and younger children in a group?
A. We really don't recommend this as younger children can get 'knocked' by older children.

Q. How many guns do you have?
A. 10 Guns

Q. Do you have to wear any special equipment?
A. No the guns have all the necessary electronics within them.

Q. How long do I get?
A. We have two packages, a 60 minute and 90 minutes.

Q. Do you charge per player?
A. No, per session. Each package has a set number of shootout to be split amongst players.

Q. Do you do adult only packages?
A. We are insured as a children's play center, therefore we can not run adult only sessions.

Q. How do I make a booking?
A. £40 deposit is needed at time of booking, this can be done over the phone using a card.

Q. When do I pay the balance?
A. On the day, before the session starts.

Q. Does your packages include food and drink?
A. Not as standard. We can arrange food but this needs to be booked in advance and there is an extra fee. Ring for details. On all events confectionery and drinks will be available for purchase on the night.

Q. Can we bring our own food and drink?
A. No, we do not allow any food or drink in the centre that has not been purchased from us (other than a Birthday Cake).

Please ring if you have any questions - our staff are available to help between 9am and 6pm.


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